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1, square brick floor rock: the natural stone material processing into small specification stone material/products (100 * 100 mm square, 100 mm or 80 mm hexagon and diamond, etc.), dedicated to outdoor ground shop is square, garden road, etc. Its material, variety, color, have the same origin and stone/engineering plank, give priority to with granite material/quality. In stone/square brick industry, mostly in the light products (called a mass-tone attune products), black, red see less (called a color products). Used in color matching products generally use more high-grade and a variety of showily.

Stone: 2, plane of galley products by polishing or fire process and pavement is widely used in all kinds of outdoor environment, the most commonly used are: landscape road, community garden road, leisure entertainment, construction square, station, wharf, parking lot, etc. Because clearance mortar joint construction, good skid resistance, and easy to clean, this natural material to make the environment improve the grade and taste.

3, grind arenaceous inferior smooth floor rock: widely used in indoor and outdoor environment shop is on the ground and metope adornment. Product the best applicable scope is: water sports venues, bathroom environment, business, entertainment, requires special indoor effect star hotel and household, etc.

4, MAO spread stone: making by hand is given priority to, in the natural fracture, the product surface forge chop axe stripe, dot like litchi skin surface or pineapple skin surface effect. The material is given priority to with granite. The main products are pitching (for different pavement landscape road), such as the corner stone rough stone/manually, thickness and easy, return to nature, good durability, floor stone, step stone for commonly used products. Long service life, is a large iconic, historic, permanent building of commonly used materials.

5, machine planer stripes rock: in the outdoor stone/application, in order to prevent slippery and add 3 d effect, artificial stone, machine planer stone, fire, etc, but these traditional methods can't satisfy the increasing needs of the construction of the high-grade decoration. Stripe stone with clear lines and clear and smooth, added bright beautiful for modern urban construction.

6, bluestone paving stone: its hue, and garden green space environment harmonious nature. The famous suzhou garden is all made of calcium based grey stone landscape. While maintaining the bluestone style on the market at present, combined with modern landscape requirements, launched a bluestone construction qin brick (brick) Great Wall, imperial brick, brick han and Ming, song etc of archaize brick (artificial accelerated weathering), artificial chop axe, wire drawing processing. Rolling mill and other technology products, for the construction unit and design personnel selection.
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