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Beijing joy rise building decoration engineering co., LTD., founded in August 2001, registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company to design, talent, capital, technology, market, information, the advantages of the product in an integrated enterprise, strong technical force, has a high technical level, experienced decoration team and advanced production processing equipment. Company's existing senior engineer 12 people, professional engineering and technical personnel 48, and well-trained professional decoration construction team, has the adornment of the international and domestic advanced construction equipment, mainly engaged in high-grade decoration engineering design and public, thus, the family home decoration construction. Successfully completed in recent years a number of major engineering construction and decoration, and obtained user's consistent high praise, in recent years, has completed the tiananmen square transformation project and the Olympic park central area landscape avenue project won the China state construction engineering (luban prize) and the ministry of railways, stone can be courtyard square brick project, both inside and outside the great hall of the people in the indoor project engineering, China development bank, reckons KXK international hotel, Beijing, China aerospace medical complex building, navy general hospital outpatient service building, troupe HaiZheng complex building interior decoration engineering, national data center the CTBT complex building curtain wall engineering, the general armaments department better olin garden residential area between indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, the Chinese people's liberation army 306 hospital culture center, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, the Chinese people's liberation army 306 hospital new outpatient service building a number of key projects such as construction, interior decoration, there are a number of projects won the good, cup gold medal award, 2006, 2008, was rated as outstanding enterprises of Beijing pinggu district.

Shandong ChengLong stone group co., LTD., Beijing music rise building decoration engineering co., LTD. Invested enterprise covering workshop 58000 square meters, registered capital of 44.93 million yuan, has three mines, with an annual output of 30000 cubic meters of marble, granite block, the company has advanced processing equipment of granite, marble and stone processing equipment more than 40 sets. Main production and operation import, domestic granite, marble and special-shaped plates, annual output of 500,000 square meters, the company has been rated as a credit enterprise for three consecutive years, and the contract heavy credit enterprise.

The company to strengthen the economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, the use of advanced construction technology and scientific management methods, adhere to the "customers first, credit first, quality first, strives for realism the innovation" corporate purposes, to create social benefits, prestige, short time limit, fast speed, high quality and reasonable cost we adhere to the principle of users from all walks of life both at home and abroad to provide first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service.
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