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How to identify the marble quality?

2017-11-17 11:57:31 Hits:
Consulting: recently I prepared to buy marble used in bridal chamber is decorated. Excuse me, how to identify the quality of the marble?

The reporter ask help: the quality of the marble on the building materials market at present the good and bad are intermingled. If buy inferior marble, not only a waste of money, but also affects health. So, for the processed products facing marble, its quality is good or bad how to identify? Might as well with these small tips:

Drops of ink. With a simple test method to check the quality of stone. Usually at the back of the stone drops on a small grain of ink, if the ink one soon, namely that exist within the stone loose particles or aperture, stone material quality is bad. Conversely, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone material quality of a material is good.

Listen to sound. Good quality marble, knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear; If the stone material within the fracture, fine vein or become loose contact between particles, caused by the weathering is tapping rough.

See the evenness. Good quality marble, its uniform texture, delicate texture structure; And coarse grain and the grain structure of marble effect is poorer, quality is poor.
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