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Correct understanding of the dangers of marble

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There are more and more families of outfit of marble, there are a lot of people are worried about the dangers of marble, the Internet also circulated about the dangers of marble caused by accident, how serious the harm of marble?

The radiation damage in the natural stone material basically has two aspects, namely radiation in vivo and in vitro radiation. The body radiation mainly comes from the decay of radioactive radiation in the air, and formed a kind of radioactive radon and its daughter. Enter the human respiratory system radiation damage, induce lung cancer. In addition, radon fat has a high affinity to the human body, thus affect the person's nervous system.

Marble has radiation is already a reality, it should be said that any stone radiation, look at the size of the radiation problem, the marble of the radioactive, national building standardization research institute experts believe that, in nature, the natural radioactive is objective existence, similarly, there is also a radioactive in natural stone products, the key is to see if it exceed the standards prescribed by the state. Marble is limestone by sediments by outside factors such as temperature, high pressure metamorphism. Because of its radioactivity of calcite and dolomite are generally very low, so by radioactive low metamorphism limestone and marble, radioactive also is very low, the harm of marble will be minimal.

So, as a kind of commonly used building materials, marble is very small, the harm of human body actually you can be at ease use.

If you really worry, you can use some method to reduce the radiation marble, stone must be made clear when the stone of choose and buy of radioactive and harmful gas index, when using, also should keep indoor and ventilated. Can only open the window ventilated, reduce the harm of marble. Put a few plants, for some fresh air and help, attention should be paid to choose appropriate in an indoor plant.

National quality supervision and inspection center of stone material

The national stone material standardization technical committee

China stone industry association

By the word [2010] historical number

For many years due to some of the ACTS of unfair competition and mislead public opinion, marble are prevailing in the society radioactive harm to human body, used in construction decoration marble can make the person causes cancer, misled the consumers. Seriously affected the marble products in building decoration, the application of this kind of view there is no scientific basis. To this end, notice is as follows:

1, marble belongs to sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of carbonate minerals, from the marble formation geological process analysis, the formation of natural marble is is not directly associated with radioactive material, thus not radioactive hazard to the human body. According to GB 6566-6566 "building materials radionuclide limited" national standards for nine years on the actual measurement data of stone material, natural marble of radionuclide radium - 226 and thorium - 232, k - 40 of the radioactivity specific activity is far lower than the standard of class A (green, not restricted) index, completely negligible. GB 6566-6566 "building materials radionuclide limited" mandatory national standards from the date of the publication and implementation, marble never included in the mandatory testing of building materials;

2, the stone products in our country the standard JC/T 202-202 "natural marble block" industry standard and GB/T 19766-19766 "natural marble building board" in the national standard of technical requirements, the requirement of radionuclide specific activity has not been tested;

3, many consumers for a long time the lack of the understanding of stone material classification, at the same time, due to radioactive misunderstandings on marble, marble has been included in the customs will check project, marble of normal trade have a negative impact to our country. On December 24, 2008, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued a "about adjustment of entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions carry out inspection and quarantine of inbound and outbound goods list (2009)" the announcement that decision since January 1, 2009, the marble and its products, including limestone, sandstone and other natural stone products) bring up the catalog of method of inspection, no longer implement entry-exit inspection and quarantine supervision, is no longer compulsory inspection for radioactive marble.

In view of this, we hope that all levels of stone material inspection institution shall strictly implement the relevant national standards, no radioactive detection for marble products, and at the same time to do a good job of publicity and interpretation. Construction engineering and all kinds of domestic outfit can safely choose marble products.

Please take note.

National stone material quality supervision

The national stone material standardization

China stone industry association

Inspection center

Technical committee

On June 12, 010
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